GasTurb - Free Trial

Download a free and fully functioning 30-day trial of GasTurb 13.

GasTurb 13 trial version 
Works on Windows 7/8 and 10.
Cannot be used on virtual machines.


Size: 107 MB

Demos of Smooth C and Smooth T

Download demo versions of the compressor map program Smooth C and turbine map program Smooth T. Both are fully functioning, but no files can be stored or exported. 

Smooth C 8.3 demo version
Works on Windows 7/8 and 10.


Size: 19.5 MB

Smooth T 8.2 demo version
Works on Windows 7/8 and 10.


Size: 13.8 MB

User Manuals

For each GasTurb software a detailed PDF manual is offered. These manuals can be downloaded here.

GasTurb 13 Manual (PDF)

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Size: 21.9 MB

Smooth C 8.3 Manual (PDF)

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Size: 8.7 MB

Smooth T 8.2 Manual (PDF)

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Size: 6.0 MB

GasTurb Details 6 Manual (PDF)

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Size: 6.0 MB


GasTurb makes simulation tasks easy. Newcomers to GasTurb are encouraged to view the following three PowerPoint tutorials:

  • How to Calculate a Single Cycle
  • Cycle Design Parametric Study
  • Introduction to Off-Design Simulations
Download all

Size: 12.4 MB
Type: ZIP

The following PowerPoint tutorials deal with more advanced topics:

  • Component Maps
  • Optimizing a Cycle
  • Preliminary Engine Design
  • Control System Simulation
  • Test Analysis
  • Use of Unscaled Maps
  • Introduction to Transient Simulations
Download all

Size: 22.5 MB
Type: ZIP


Download the latest updates for GasTurb 12 and GasTurb 13.

GasTurb 13 Update 
Not applicable to student and course versions.


Size: 57.4 MB

GasTurb 12 Update
Only applicable to software licenses purchased in November 2014 or later.
Last updated: August 8, 2018


Size: 52.8 MB